2019 New Rider Clinic - First Day Track Riders Sign up HERE!

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January event is only $100. We will ride from 11am-5pm. 

February event is reduced from $180 to $160 and we ride 9am-5pm.

Optional course for new track day riders. HIGHLY recommended. The goal is to train you on what it takes to be successful at the racetrack. THIS IS FREE! We want to guide you through the day rather than send you on the track on your own to figure things out. Exclusive through DRROTrackdays.com!

We will train you on;

- Track layout and run off review. Learn the track map.

- Reference Points. Brake Markers, what and where the apex is in each corner.

- Body position

- Passing - How to plan ahead

- A DAY FULL OF COACHING FOR FREE. Reduce the learning curve.

C - This group is for riders who are new to the race track or have limited experience. Typically in this group is for new riders with 0 track days completed.


Please note - there are no refunds for any reason.