2019 - 2020 - Trackday Suit Rental Program

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Want to give trackday a try before buying a suit? We have a program for you!

- Our suits are new or in new condition.

- If you decide to purchase a new suit - we will apply all suit rental fees towards your purchase when made at Reparto Veloce Motorcycles in Chandler. Applies to IXS, Mithos, RS Taichi or Alpinestars 1 or 2 piece suits only. (Example - you rent a suit 2 times at $50 each - Reparto Veloce will reduce your new suit purchase by $100!) Maximum of 2 rentals per customer per calendar year. 

- BONUS - When you buy a new suit from Reparto Veloce you get a FREE TRACKDAY!

DISCLOSURE - If you crash in the rental suit - there is a $400 fee in addition to your suit rental fee and you keep the suit that has damages. ("You break it - you buy it!") If you can't afford to pay for the suit should it get damaged - please do not rent one. 

- Check your size requirements below. If you do not fit into the sizing chart below - please email us for additional options - jayson@desertroadracing.org

Sizing Chart 

40 38-40 32-34
42 40-42 33-34
44 42-44 34-36