Our Coaching Staff

The core of our program is the team that make it up. With over 80 years of track experience between 6 riders, we offer expertise, good communication skills with a focus on FUN! Here is our team of coaches;

  • James "Philly" Joyce - First Track Event - 2002
    • National & Regional Expert Level CCS Road Racer & Champion, Amateur Champion (Select classes), DRRO Head New Rider Clinic Coach and Curriculum Expert since 2014



  • Matt Hartlieb - First Track Event - 2000
    • AMA Professional Road Racer, Championship winner of a National title from CCS - Race of Champions held at Daytona and over 11 regional championships attained, Xcel Rider Coach


  • Alissa Fergueson - First Track Event - 2011
    • 2021 4 Time Amateur Champion ASMA, Expert Level Road Racer, DRRO Coach and Control Rider


  • Sean Ungvarsky - First Track Event - 2015 
    • Moto America Professional Road Racer (8 podiums), 2020 AMA Supermoto National Champion, DRRO Coach and Control rider.


  • Ash Natarajan - First Track Event - 2004
    • Regional Expert Level CCS Road Racer (multiple podiums), YCRS/ ChampSchool graduate, MSF Basic Rider Coach, DRRO Control Rider and New Rider Clinic Coach


    • Jim Hornaday - First Track Event - 2014
      • Expert CVMA Road Racer, Amateur Champion (Select classes), YCRS Champ Graduate, DRRO New Rider Clinic Coach


    • Jeremy Sims - First Track Event - 2015
      • Expert Level Road Racer, Podiums In Multiple Classes with CVMA, WERA, and ASMA, DRRO Coach & Control Rider



    • Jayson Citron - First Track Event - 2002
      • Expert CCS Road Racer, Amateur Champion (Select classes), Owner of DRROTrackdays and DRRO coach



      We also have an amazing team of control riders. These members of the team ride during our B or C group sessions helping everyone and making sure everyone is riding safe and in the right group. 

      • Johnathan Carlson
      • Charles Silver