Training Events

Over the years, we have seen many motorcyclists learn the craft of track days / road racing. Our experience has helped us come up with a program that is cost effective and results oriented.

DRRO Private Training is the next level education for any rider at any skill level. This program is for entry level track day riders to advanced / pro level road racers.

What makes us unique?

- Chassis / Suspension set up ahead of time to ensure your equipment is track ready and one less obstacle for us to focus on during the training. 

- 2 : 1 student to coach ratio for the entire day.

- Reduced learning curve means more cash in your pocket long term;

- Less $ spent trying to figure things out on your own

- Less wear and tear on your equipment = less maintenance expenses / repairs

- You pick the curriculum! We will ask you to pick 1-3 skills you really want to work on and this will be a primary focus for the day. Our coaches will also work with you as a rider to identify areas of opportunity you may not be aware of.

- We offer unprecedented experience. Our coaches are AMA / Moto America road racers and/or very experienced riders / coaches. Check out our staff page for more details. In short - we have the best of the best.

- Small venue. No need to feel intimidated or worry about other riders. These days will have very few participants and we remove the challenges associated with riding in large groups.