Rider and Motorcycle Requirements

Please note - there are no refunds for any reason. We ride regardless of weather conditions.

All you need to know to ensure you and your machine and track ready!


Motorcycle Requirements

Tires and brakes must be in good condition with no visible cracks or dry-rot.

Wheel weights must be taped over.

Bike must be free of oil, fuel and coolant leaks and missing bolts/screws. All parts must be secure. No loose bolts/fasteners.

Headlights, turn signals, and all glass or plastic lenses must be removed or taped over. Remove or tape over mirrors. 

Kill-switch must be functioning and throttle return should work smoothly without sticking or hanging up.

Regular coolant is permitted.

​Not required for track day - safety wire the oil/coolant drain plug, oil filter, and oil /coolant fill cap.

Chain not too loose or too tight based on tech discretion.

Kick-stands must be able to remain securely in the up position, or be removed. 

Center stands are not recommended due to clearance issues.



Rider Requirements

Gloves - must rise above wrist and boots must cover the ankle. Road boot preferred. 
May not be a construction style boot.
No tears in equipment and must be in "good condition". 
Full leather or textile suit or 2 piece suit allowed. 
If 2 piece it must zip together (2/3 of waist must be zipped).

ALL SUITs MUST HAVE back, knee and elbow protection.