Track Day Prep

Many riders (especially those new to the track) often ask what is needed to have a great day at the track - aka - "What do I need to bring?".

  1. A motorcycle and all the safety equipment needed to meet all of the "Requirements" outlined on our website. Visit this link for specific details.
  2. Hydrate and fuel the body by eating healthy and drinking lots of fluids prior to and during the event.
  3. Shade is a must. At Arizona Motorsports Park - there is some shade, however I would suggest riders bring an easy up. There is no shade at any of the other tracks we visit.
  4. Anchors for easy ups. Please secure all tents / easy ups in anticipation of high winds. Often wind conditions change while riders are on track - so properly securing your equipment is critical.
  5. Chairs are recommended. One for the rider and a spare or few for friends.
  6. Power is NOT provided at any of the facilities we visit. You will need to bring your own power if needed.
  7. We would encourage riders to attempt to trailer the motorcycle to the event, however this is not required. MANY riders ride to and from the events.

Before leaving for the event - ALWAYS double check you have;

  • Keys - Helmet - Gloves - Suit - Boots and you should have the barebone minimums to make it through the day! Everything else is a nice to have at this point. See you at the track!