Training Schedule



8-830am - Arrival and check in Registration / Tech
830-845am Meet and Greet Introductions and overview of the rider specific training plan
845-915am - Track Walk Rider are encourages to bring a pit bike or bicycle for a track walk
915-930am - Suit up Begin the day of riding / learning
930-1030am - (1/2 of group) East Loop  Scrub speed / Throttle control to steer. Use all of the track. After 30 mins - Rotate to West Track
930-1030am - (1/2 of group) West Loop  Trail Braking, use all of track - After 30 mins - Rotate to East Track
1030-11am Open Session - Full Track
11-1130am - Lunch Rider and coach lunch
12-3pm 1 on 1 coaching / Open Session