2020 / 2021 (A) Advanced, (B) Intermediate or (C) Novice Group riders - SIGN UP HERE!

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Please read this section before signing up for track day.

Please note - there are no refunds for any reason. We ride regardless of weather conditions. Entries are NON-TRANSFERRABLE.

We run a unique schedule at each track, please see the SCHEDULE page for event hours.

 Included in your fee are donuts for breakfast, lunch and digital photos from the days event!

** Arizona Motorsports Park has a 96db limitThis means a STOCK EXHAUST or a DB Killer to reduce noise in an aftermarket exhaust IS REQUIRED. **

Please use the criteria below to determine your riding group. Should any of our groups sell out - do NOT SIGN UP for a group you are not at the correct skill level for. Example - If you are a B group rider, do not sign up for A (You are likely not fast enough for this group) and do not sign up for C (You are likely too fast for this group).


Open Session - (A, B and C group riders welcome) - New riders (Never been to a racetrack) are excluded from this event. Riders MUST have a minimum of 1 prior track day before riding at this event. There are no groups. The track is considered "open" the entire day. Riders who show up without prior track experience will be asked to leave without a refund.


 A - Advanced = This group is for riders who race motorcycles or have a great deal of track experience. Typically in excess of 10 track days completed.


B - Intermediate = This group is for rider who are amateur road racers or have some track experience. Typically in excess of 4 track days completed.


C - Novice = This group is for riders who are new to the race track or have limited experience. Typically in this group is for riders with 0-3 track days completed.


Please note - there are no refunds for any reason.