Private Training Day

Private Training Day

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Podium Club Membership Status

Join us at The Podium Club, located at Attesa in Casa Grande!

This exclusive track has partnered with DRRO to offer training days to both members and non members of the Podium Club.

Regardless of YOUR membership status - you're invited!

Special pricing for Podium Club members.

Our program is not like any other school/s available. We are riders too - and this is what our team has to offer. 

Here are so details about our team -

Here are a few things to consider;

  • The coaching ratio is 2-3 students per coach. Which equates to we work with YOU on the specific areas of opportunity YOU need to work on. 
  • The majority of the day is spent focusing on YOU! The goal is to make you a better - faster rider with a reduced learning curve. 
  • Our coaching staff is second to none. Passionate, dedicated, knowledgeable and have great communication skills. This helps ensure students never feel like they're asking a silly question.  

Our core curriculum;

Vision - The ability to effectively look through a corner and plan ahead. Learn what to focus on as you approach, settle into and exit corners. 

Stamina / Fatigue - Reduce fatigue and finish stronger by minimizing / maximizing movement on the motorcycle. Less movement also helps keep the motorcycle stable. The goal is with less effort, ride faster.

Starts / Launching - Often races are won and lost in turn one. Learning how to launch the motorcycle is key to winning races. 

Corner Exit - By effectively establishing brake and acceleration markers, the ability to exit a corner smoother, gradual, harder with faster. Riding smaller displacement motorcycles vs larger displacement is very different. Learn to master corner exits.

Braking - The ability to brake smooth and hard is important. As important is to understand how your tires work on the brakes. Trail braking is a skill that must be mastered at the racetrack.

Reference Points (Brake and acceleration markers) - Knowing exactly when to apply the brakes and get back on the gas by using reference points helps ensure consistency. 

Line Identification - The ability to take multiple lines into a corner and translating that to either faster lap times, protected race lines or the ability to make a clean pass all starts by picking the right line. Knowing how to maximize multiple lines in a same corner ads additional options to the rider.

Why choose us?

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