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If you need a suit - we have you covered. We rent Cortech suits that have never been crashed in and are in like new condition. 

Its simple. If you damage the suit - you buy it. The damage fee is $400 - and you keep the suit. Please do NOT rent a suit of you can't afford to replace it. 

Lastly - When you rent from DRRO - we will apply the rental fee you paid towards the purchase of a new suit at Reparto Veloce - Exotic Motorcycles. Maximum of $100. This applies to Mithos, Cortech, Alpinestars or RS TAICHI suits. 

Example - if you rent a suit twice - $100 discount will be applied to the purchase price of your new suit. So for example a $1000 suit will only cost you $900!



See the sizing chart to see if we have a suit that will fit you.