2021 Training Day - 5/17/2021 from 8am-2pm

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The goal of the day is to truly focus on skill building and mastering the race track. We will split the track into 2 separate tracks for this venue as well as run the full course. We've ran the short tracks and they are a BLAST and really enables riders to focus on specific skills in specific corners with greater repetition. 

Participation will be VERY LIMITED. 

We have 2 options for riders;

- $199 - Open Session Rider - Experienced riders only. Open session day. No control riders / coaches. See schedule for specific details. 

- $599 - Training Day Student - 2 students to 1 coach / personalized training day. Additional details here - https://drrotrackdays.com/pages/private-training

The day is structured as follows. 


Training Day Students

Open Session Riders

6am-2pm Gates Open Get set up, register, complete tech inspection
630-7am Rider Meeting All riders required to attend
7am-8am Student Track Walk - Coach Sean and Matt will discuss the track turn by turn Pit set up - prepare to ride
Trail Braking 101 - SMOOTH
Brake Timing (Reference Points)
Brake pressure (When and how much)
EAST Track - Riding Clockwise
Turn in rate / point (Knee to knee) (TURN in reference point)
Bike Placement - Plan while in the corner - AND setup for the next
WEST Track - Riding Counter Clockwise
10-2pm Full Track Counter Clockwise - Open Session


Full Course AMP CCW